R E P A Y S . . . M E


Manage your groups from the web dashboard or from the Repays app.

  • From the backend:Go to “SIM GROUP SETTINGS” menu and select “New Sim Group”.
    Select your Country, select the Networks you want to send to, then choose a daily SMS limit and a name for your group. You’ll be able to select it directly from the app or put your card into this group from “SIM SETTINGS” page.
    Verify your groups from “SIM GROUP LIST” under “SIM GROUPS SETTINGS” page and manage them from here.
  • From the App:
    Scroll the tab and select “Change Group”. You’ll be able to select an existing group or create a new one by clicking “CREATE A NEW GROUP”.
    Choose a name, a daily limit, the delay between every SMS sent then press “NEXT”. Select the networks you want to send to and then “UPDATE AND SELECT GROUP”.

General rules:
Maximum daily limit is 250 per day. If your sim is able to send more, please contact support team on info@repays.me.